Infrared Thermography (IR) operates by measuring the infrared energy of any object’s surface and producing a detailed visual image showing its temperature profile. Since IR operates without physical contact, it offers building operators a safe, on-line, and cost-effective means to evaluate the electrical operation of any property.

While many borderline problem areas typically remain undetected during an off-line physical inspection, they can be easily pinpointed using IR.
Infrared Thermography is ideally suited for detecting faults in electrical panels, breakers, switchgear, splices, insulators, starters, contactors, wiring, distribution systems, disconnects, and transformers, etc.
With a lesser degree of reliability, IR can locate water leakage in roofs, steam trap malfunctions, ineffective HVAC air distribution patterns, motor and bearing defects, building energy loss, pipe blockages and underground pipe leakage - providing a visual representation of the heat generated or lost in almost any physical application.